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Remotely switched Power Point.

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I have a 2007 Freestar SEL FWD, and would like to install a switched Power Point for my Magellan Maestro. Although, it will automatically switch off when not moving for about 10 minutes, to get it to turn on, when I want to continue my trip, I either have to press and hold the power button, little awkward with one hand, or pull out on the Power Point plug, and reinsert.
I would like to add a relay at the Power Point in the front center console, but I don't know where to easily pickup a switched 12v feed.
Any Suggestions?


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Since no one has offered a better solution I'll try to help. Attached are a schematic showing the ign switch wiring and a protection diode schematic. Grab the 12 volts at one of the RUN wires and please install a relay with built in protection diode or add one as shown. The reverse EMF spike when the relay turns on/off can play havoc with electronics if not shunted to ground. I would also add a 2 amp inline fast blow fuse as close to the tap in point as possible.


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Thanks for your suggestion. That's exactly how I planed to hook it up, but was hoping there may have been a switched 12v in the immediate console area.
I'll have to do some cct tracing, and find a 12 run line to hook to. Appreciate the schematic.

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