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Hi all,
I have a 64 Falcon Futura Conv. 6 cyl. I'm replacing the rear end (currently a 3.50 : 1) with a 2.83. In order to reuse my new rear brakes, I need to change the backing plates. Which means pulling the axles. I removed the axles & backing plates from the old rear end easily enough. The axles came right out. But the axles on the replacement rear will not budge. I Have a high quality axle puller. Not moving at all. Question: How do I know if the replacement rear end has "C" clips holding the axles in? I was inside the ham to change fluid and clean everything. However I did not notice and clips or retainers. Attached is a pic of the replacement rear. Can someone please enlighten me how to remove the axles? Thanks Much. (yes I did remove the 4 nuts behind the axle) .
The replacement rear is a WCY-R. It also has # C55W4025-A stamped (C might be a G)
The second line on the tag says 2.83 5AA 909.
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