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Restore or Clean a Dull Headlight Assembly

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The headlights on my Crownvic weathered to the point that I added driving lights to increase night time visibility. I tried cleaning them a number of times with a cleaner polish but that didn't quite do the job.

Finally I tried a Plastic Cleaner Polish, and I couldn't believe the difference. There are a number of products on the market for varying prices. I can not comment on which is better, but I'll give you some ideas. I imagine that for the most part they are equally effective.

There are complete kits that include very very fine sand paper, or other abrasives, cleaning rags, and plastic polish. OR one may purchase just the plastic polish and use an abrasive you already have lying around.

The first time around, I used some turtle wax cleaning compound, followed by PlastX Each are available at Walmart for less than $5 each.

The next time around, I used some 000 grade steel wool, and Plastx. The steel wool did a little better job than the turtle wax cleaning compound. I bought the steel wool at K-mart for about $3.00 It was a pack of 6, two each of three different grades.

In either case, the headlights on all my cars are now restored to pretty near their original brilliance for less than ten dollars.

Once you have restored yours, you'll notice how many cars are on the road with dull headlights, and you'll want to stop everyone and tell them how easy it is to restore them.


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I was watching a tv show ( two guys Garage, I think ) and they said you could also use toothpaste
Zephyrman you Rock today! :thumbsup:

I was just about to post that exact same thing, so I guess I'm gonna have to sit back and
bask in your awesomeness
on this one.....I saw it on Power Block TV Trucks this past weekend.
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