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I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle limited

This started as a dead battery with the antitheft indicator light on. We had the battery charged up and now the reverse lights are stuck on. As is the break warning light and oil light. The blinkers work outside but no indicator inside. The break lights, head lights all work as well. When we shut the car off, the dash lights are staying on. I have a timer set for 30 minutes to go out and check if the auto shut off kicked in. Is this a blown fuse? Hopefully lol
Is there a reset we can try? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The car was just worked on because the driver side floorboard had a lot of water. Turned out to be the hoses from the sunroof were clogged.

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Moonroof will need maintenance from time to time.
Clean the seal around the glass panel
Clean the area around the panel opening (then wax it)
Check drain openings by running a plastic line into the opening (Larger gauge fishing line. Nothing metal)
Lastly wax the roof of the vehicle and use a surfactant (RainX) on the glass panel.

The electrical issue may be related to the water leak.
The reverse lights are controlled by a transmission range switch on the transmission. Look at connectors and wiring.
The instrument panel lights may have issues because of water leaks. The instrument panel may need to be removed to access the bulbs. Recommend using the shop manual.
If it is a fuse issue that is something easily checked. The owners manual will show location of fuse panel and fuses.

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