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Rotating Tire with TPMS

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I have a 2010 Taurus SEL with about 10,000 miles on it. I'm about to perform my second oil change (I like to change the oil when the odometer reads a multiple of 5,000) and my first tire rotation. This Taurus is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and I was wondering if I should even concern myself with the fact that the TPMS might be affected by the rotation. If so, how can I "reset" the TPMS after rotation?


Troy Henderson
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Your owners manual has nothing on the subject?
Car manufactures use several methods for keeping track of the position of the tires. I am not aware of any standards that apply across the board. But yes, it is a concern.
i had a 1999 buick and it had the tire pressure stuff also. personaly i didnt even effect it when i rotated the tires. it goes by pressure, and it goes off usually after 6psi of loss. if your rear tires are the same psi as the front then it should be fine. and there usually is a reset somewere, mine were on the dashboard controls were u can see the mpg and all that junk. good luck man. :smilewinkgrin:
Your owners manual has nothing on the subject?
Good point Electro.

The subject of TPMS is addressed on page 224 of the owner's manual and Tire Rotation is addressed on page 217.

Changing tires with TPMS

Each road tire is equipped with a tire pressure sensor fastened to the inside rim of the wheel. The pressure sensor is covered by the tire and is not visible unless the tire is removed. The pressure sensor is located opposite (180 degrees) from the valve stem. Care must be taken when changing the tire to avoid damaging the sensor. It is recommended that you always have your tires serviced by an authorized dealer.

The tire pressure should be checked periodically (at least monthly) using an accurate tire gauge, refer to Inflating your tires in this chapter.
I believe that the new Tire Pressure Sensors does not need to be reset when rotating the tires only, the system will recognize the sensors and operate correctly.

However, it is affected when "changing" tires - ie: Winter and Summer tires. Also, from what I understand, there is a "Reset" tool that is required for the TPMS on certain vehicles.
I had read the aforementioned section in my owner's manual prior to starting this thread, but it was unclear from this section whether rotation should affect the TPMS.

Perhaps I should contact my dealer to find out what they say about the subject, but I am starting to believe that a simple rotation shouldn't matter.
If your Taurus is like my wifes Rabbit and just tells you "hey, one of your tires is flat but I don't know which one" then the rotation will not effect it. If you've never had a flat or low tire and can't answer that, then go to a pump, and let out some air till a light comes on.

If it tells you which tire is flat then you will have to transfer sensors.
according to the service department at the dealership that i bought the car, rotation should not affect the TPMS. so, i will rotate them tomorrow. thanks folks.
according to the service department at the dealership that i bought the car, rotation should not affect the TPMS. so, i will rotate them tomorrow. thanks folks.
I assume they have batteries that eventually need serviced ??
I do know on some Gm's that they need reprogrammed so when the message comes up it can tell you which tire it is instead of guessing.... it makes good sense to check your tires every time you fuel up anyway
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