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Sealed beam to HID

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I get asked a lot how I managed to get HIDs in a 44 year old car.

Simple really.

1. Find what type of sealed beam you have (I have 5001 and 5006)

2. Google search "(YOUR BULB HERE) H4 conversion" and find one to ur liking

3. Now you need the actual HID kit to include bulbs (any heat range you want) 6000K and 8000K are my favorite, ballasts and wiring harnesses

Installation of the light assemblies can be tricky and take some cutting to the cups for proper fitment. At least mine did, others may require more work or none at all. The HID kit is a joke to install, simply plug and play.

And voila! Now you can see in the dark. About $200 total.:thumbsup:
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