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Good Day ‘Eh…..

I am a former Dealership Junkie – Service Writer, Tower Operator, and Warranty Clerk/Admin. Did some time too as a Senior Claims Processor for an “Aftermarket” Warranty Company too. I married a Gear Head Asphalt Junkie, Good Man and too my good fortune he was also a Ford Mechanic.

Oddly enough, I DO hear the time little voices in my head and often wonder if I really should be listening to them….. Please don’t feel sorry for me, you’ll be standing alone, it was one of those stupidity things – I’m older and should have know better, nuff said.

I know my way around a car and with any luck at all I hope to be of some help around here. And as an added bonus, I have a quick wit and great sense of humour and I firmly believe that if you own a Ford, you need to drive it like you hate it, that way it will never let you down!

PS - Thank You! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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