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Starter Problem 96 Taurus

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Hello I have a 1996 Taurus 3.0 engine, I have been having a problem with the starter.
When I turn the key nothing happens however, there is a clicking on a controll mod that sits between the battery and the fender

I had the starter tested at the store and it was good, I also tried a new relay. I changed out the ignition switch, and cleaned all the grounds and terminals. This seems to be an intermitten problem as it seems to go away then it comes back. My son said when hes driving sometime the moter cuts out.

I hope someone can help or tell me if im missing something

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See if these help.
The pinouts are for a 2000 windstar digital transmission range sensor. It might be the same for yours.


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Here is a diagram of the pinouts for a 96 Taurus AX4N trans


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