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Stereo Install

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I have a 91 explorer XLT. the head unit is going to be replaced, and i already have 5x7 kenwood speakers installed. it has JBL premium sound, but its 20 years old. would i be better off just to run new wire, and start all brand new?
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Its a lot of work to run new speaker wires. Personally I'd give Crutchfield a call. They can probably get you needed bypasses for the JBL system and the amount of work would be minimal.
Attached are a metra adapter list for the 91 JBL and the schematic for the 91 jbl system. As above it is not practical to run new speaker wires unless you are installing a very powerful system. Hope this helps you.

How to remove replace the right rear interior panel to install wiring:
Photo Page 2
Identify type of radio/ford plugs you have:
Ford Radios
Photo's of Ford Radio's by year and application:
Factory Ford Radios


Your radio won't work with the premium sound until you eliminate the amplifiers in the factory system. I'd just run new wires, its not that difficult and no costly adapters to get your speakers wired right. Rich
Actually, the harness adapter kit for these trucks is around 25 bucks, eliminates cutting and splicing and is available at any decent stereo shop. Hell you can get them from wally world too, just make sure you get the kit for premium sound, and then you can use all your factory wiring. I do this stuff for extra cash and I can have a new head unit installed in just under an hour, I've put head units in quite a few trucks just like yours.
Thanks everyone. another question. What should i do for an amp. im almost positive mine is junk. and i have subs, they just dont drive right. speakers either.
I'd just gut it since you're planning a system. My last Exploder would ring the bell at 128 decibels at around 850 watts. Type R's in the cabin holes and a Solobaric in the back. You can modify the back seat holes for 6x9's fairly easily, they usually cost around the same as 5x7-6x8 and have better sound quality IMO. Remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to electronics and the sound quality of a $90 set won't compare to a $200 set. I was flat AMAZED after buying pioneer sony polk speakers for years, you hear ''things'' that were never there before. Rich
Thanks everyone. another question. What should i do for an amp. im almost positive mine is junk. and i have subs, they just dont drive right. speakers either.
Are you using the factory amp to drive the subs?

Do you plan on using an external amp or the receiver to drive the speakers?
my factory amp is no good but do i need another one with my new head unit?
You shouldn't need another amp, the stereo has one (weak) built in to drive door speakers but not a sub.
So to run a sub i would need another amp? whats a good brand thats not too costly?
I prefer Alpine. Make sure to match the amp to the sub. Many people don't realize that an under powered amp will kill a sub as well. The amp will distort at full capacity and produce a square wave sound signal. Subs don't like square waves.
ok. thanks. to everyone for your help. ill keep you updated on what happens.
i have 2 12" KICKER SUBS, 300 how big of an amp should i use to drive the subs without underpowering or overpowering? any good brands?
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