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Strange problem

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I have had this strange problem happen 2 times.

I consistantly back out of the same driveway and turn on to the same street. So far, 2 times that I have done this, after I go into reverse and back out of the driveway, and go into drive, a loud vibrating sound comes from what sounds like directly below the driver seat, and then when I press the brakes, the anti lock brakes pump even though I am only going about 5 mph. It's a strange problem. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or may have any idea what it could be.

I have a 2008 Escape XLT. It is still under warranty, but I know if I bring it in, they wont be able to reproduce the problem and say nothing is wrong.

Any ideas?
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if you had drum brakes, i would say the slack adjusters aren't functioning properly, but since it's a really new vehicle i'm assuming it's 4 wheel disc...
do any warning lights come on in your cluster?
Unfortunatly no lights come on. If I saw the light, I would bring it right back to the dealer so they could hook it up and check what the problem is.

I was thinking about the sound more, and it sounds a lot like when you use washer fluid on your windshield, except its louder, and its coming from under me.
there could be a problem with the ABS controller developing... I'll check with one of the tech's at work. i'll be a few minutes because i have to call

this might be your problem... i'd call the dealership, and ask them about it...
Thanks a lot. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow. Hopefully they dont just brush me off.
Brake TSB's are a safety issue, if they brush you off, they could be liable if a brake failure occurs after that, if they won't help you, try another dealer if you can. Also explain the fact you got the brush off from another dealer and I bet somebody gets in some serious trouble over there.
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