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Strut bearing lubrication

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If your FWD car pops, creaks or squeaks when turning the wheel and you know the cv joints are fine and all the ends are good, More then likely the strut bearings are dry.

Pull off the cap if you have one and you will see the nut that holds the strut and then if you have 2 or 4 holes and you can see shiny metal in there(after cleaning gunk out if you don't have caps) Get a can of spray graphite, wrap the strut in rags and any electrical connections near that area, Fill the holes up with graphite and the liquid, Move car and turn the wheel to the lock(L or R) add more graphite and while moving car turn to opposite lock. Maybe 2 or 3 times spraying and turning lock to lock take it for a ride you should already notice it making less noise.

Don't turn your steering wheel while the car is not moving, It puts alot of stress on components and puts a flat spot on the tire(tiny yeah) Depending on the mileage this might just save you from having to replace the strut bearings when there is nothing wrong with the struts themselves, Or at least add a few miles to already shot ones. DO NOT allow the graphite spray to contact any electrics! Graphite is conductive and could short out electrics!

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