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Got one???? Please post about your experience of your restomod. And by all means post pictures!!


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C'mon now, you can't post a question like that without telling your own story!

Here's sort of an abbreviated version for my '79 Mercury Zephyr ES. I was sitting at a car show in 2005 dreaming of building a sleeper, when this pristine Zephyr drove by with "For Sale" signs in it.
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I had been on Cardomain for a while and gotten some inspiration from guys named LTDScott and Zephstang. Zephstang assured me it was very easy to swap the drivetrain, dash, and wire harness from a junk '87-93 Mustang with EFI. My friends are not really car people, and they didn't really get it when i bought the car. They were like "I... like the wheels?". Yeah, well, the wheels are one of the things i'm going to change, haha.
So, i got myself a junk '90 LX 5.0 and the project began.
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I got it all slapped together in time for the '06 car show season, but the first of my bad luck had reared it's ugly head. My AOD only had first gear. Guess I'll be trailering it to the shows.
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Sharp eyes probably spotted the 5-lug '01 Mustang wheels on the front. Yep, this is where LTDScott's influence plays in. He has a SWEET Fox body LTD LX with a Cobra SEFI conversion and 5-lug Cobra brake swap. I decided i didn't want to pay the "Cobra" premium, and went with '01 GT stuff. Still a huge upgrade over the stock Zephyr stuff. The blackout look of the Fairmont/Zephyr ES package's similarity to the look of the LTD LX is also one big thing that drew me to this car.
Anyway, years went by, and more back luck came and went, along with a lot of re-engineering, improvising, tinkering and upgrading. The suspension (tire rubbing), fuel system and brake systems in particular have really given me a lot of trouble. The suspension is finally done. I'm just about done replacing every last piece of the brake system for a complete, matched '95 Mustang GT setup. The fuel system is next. I'm fighting pressure leakdown (i think the pump is bad even though i bought it brand new), and a tank pressure venting problem. Here's what the car looks like today.
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