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Hi My name is Jordan, I was shopping around the other day for a temp car. One i can use for a little and then maybe sell down the road. it's a 2011 vic black old Police interceptor. Now here's what i want to know from you guy's being the experts and all. The price for it is pretty good. I test drove it hauls ass!... the body is pretty good expect for a little weird crap pant job-touch up. didn't seem to have any oil leaks. But he coolant did seem to be S#!T color down with a hint of green assuming it's mixed a little.

So this brings me to my next concern i saw cheery read fluid all over the front end undercarriage of the car. From steering rack up. Looks to be originating from the upper driver side radiator. Cherry read i think is trans fluid... So maybe broken hose and or radiator. other then that the engine seems fine a bit dirty but fine. Is this a good buy? I don't mind doing a fluids flush or anything i don't mind that. I don't plane on keeping it for long. What should i bee on the look out for problems wise?

Police interceptor

Cabin air-box fan shielding is broke. (Junkyard fix)
Crappy coolant.
Cherry read fluid leak.

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Coolant should be flushed
There is transmission fluid that goes to a cooler in the radiator. That may need repairing unless it has been repaired and not cleaned up. You could ask the seller.
The air box may be unique for the option package.

Know that the 2011 was the last year for this model and option package (P71) The CV with the P71 package was usually used hard in service. And it has some unique parts to take that hard use. Many that are sold after use on a force, are in service for a very long time.

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