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Ujoint & Steering Grease

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Getting ready to do routine maintenance on 1965 Galaxie XL. What would be the preferred grease for the u joints as well as the front end steering and ball joints?

Manual says FoMoCo Ball Joint Grease & FoMoCo Universal Lube for ujoints. These really don't seem to pull up much. Same grease to pump into zerts or different?
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Most of the time I would recommend going to the shop manual and getting the data.
This is one area that the shop manual (in your case) is over 50 years old and the data on lubricants has changed a lot.

Nearly any grease you use today will be superior to what was available in 1965.
The only piece I would be concerned about is compatibility. Is any new grease compatible with what is in there. The answer is likely yes it is compatible.
Grease Compatibility Chart and Reference Guide (

If you do not know what has been used, then just use a good quality chassis grease.

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I suggest a synthetic multi-purpose grease, from now & moving forward.
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