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Was just walking by and noticed the light was on...

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So I figured I'd better stick my head inside and say Hello. Currently driving an '87 Bronco and a '97 F350. Also, we have a new product for the 4x4 market that we're pimping (but the only because of goodness of Mark V's heart) that just hit the unsuspecting American public. It's called The Shiftster, and it's the inexpensive cure for Shift On The Fly Hell. Please check the new ad in the Classified Section for an idea of what it does.

And hope to meet some of you on the Cali or Baja trails someday.......:D

Enjoy your evenings,

Ricky B
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Hello, Welcome..
Yep welcome to the new improved forum, I sent you a PM.
Whats up Ricky B. Welcome to the forum.
Whats up Ricky B. Welcome to the forum.
Hey Rob and Mark, thanx for the warm welcome and the help. But at this very minute I'm fighting with my beer-can-up-the-a$$-chicken, which just fell over. Little bastard just won't go out without a fight. Will yak at y'all later.........:cornut:

(ooh Rob, you're in the OC? Right up the street---kinda sorta :yesnod:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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