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Hey, name's Chris. I live in Cookeville, TN and go to college up in Dayton, OH. I am the current owner of a 1968 Ford Ranchero(may try to link pics when I have the chance).

A little about the car:

I acquired it in Oct 2009 but only recently was able to drive it regularly at the start of summer. It has had some work done and is a good ways close to restoration. It has a late model engine(not sure what year), but it is a 302 v8 Cobra(probably out of a Mustang). I recently had issues with its roll up windows(one wiggled out of place and shattered after I shut the door and it hit its frame). I got most of it repaired but some work soon to come is taking out the headers it came with and put in stock exhaust manifolds if I can find them. The engine conversion has left me a few problems to deal with but it's now a solid car. It has a nice paint job, maroon with white stripes runing along its sides.

I was hoping to find others knowledgable on Fords and the Ranchero in particular as I attempt to bring this nice car into full restored condition some day.
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