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Wheel swap

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Does anyone know if these late model Mustang wheels will fit a 91 Crown Vic without the need for spacers?
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I think they should fit, as long as the bolt pattern is the same and the offset is close to the same.
I think the frontend got wider on the newer cars. An easy way to measure backspace is to lay the different wheels face down on flat ground and measure the distance between the ground(face of the wheel) to the bolt flange. If the distance is shorter on the new wheel, you'll need spacers or you'll look like a baby blazer with fwd wheels. Rich
I doubt it. The newer cars have a metric bolt pattern...I'm assUme a 91 CV has an inch pattern.
Mustang wheels will bolt onto an '88 Ranger, but need about an inch and a quarter spacer to keep from rubbing the leaf springs and be able to turn. 5 on 4.5 inches =5 on 114.3 millimeters. Rich
As far as I can see, the '05 or newer Mustang wheels should bolt right on, just check the backspacing and offset. Bolt pattern is the same.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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