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Where to Find Parts & Schematic?

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This week, I changed my oil and filter for my 2003 Ford Expedition 5.4L EB.

While under the vehicle, I noticed that the two screws that help hold the lower molding to the underside of the cooling fan are missing.

Does anybody know where I can find a parts schematic online, so I can find the name/part number for these missing screws and order replacements for them?

Thank you,
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I have always found that the parts guys at my local dealership are very helpful.
The part number is N801169S900. That should be for the lower fan shroud. They are a M4.2x1.41 screw and washer.
The screws are P/N N606675-S439. I ordered them from Bob Utter Ford in Texas online and received them today. The package of two screws each has a washer. They are to help hold the lower cooling fan shroud in place.
i would have checked the local bone yards first. you could have walked out with them for free...
Yeah, but for $1.86, I am not sure going to the boneyard like Pull a Part makes a difference. Plus, last time I went to a place like Pull a Part, all vehicles were over 10 years old or more, and were picked over well.
Oldtimer35, it looks like you may be right after all! I got the screw/washer from Bob Utter that was supposed to secure the lower fan shroud, but the N606675-S439 are slightly too fat.

I called Bob Utter and they were nice. I suggested you had a different P/N and when they looked it up, they acknowledged that your PN was the correct fit and that there was a catalog error. They are going to send me two of the N801169S900.

That is strange that a catalog is not correct.
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