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Windstar sags on drivers side rear

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My 2002 Windstar seems to be depressed on the driver’s side rear, like someone gave it to much Botox on that side. It’s not a new problem just a general degradation on that side. It sits about an inch lower. I am getting ready to replace the shocks and wanted to know what may be causing it to sag so I can make it smile again.
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Hmmm could that coil spring be getting tired of lugging your butt around town? :rolleyes:

When you replace the shocks, perhaps you'll consider getting a set that has helper springs around them.
:cryin: maybe just a HD spring on the drivers side :smilewinkgrin:.
Sounds like the coil spring is fatigued.Replace both coils for a consistent ride.Coil over shock springs are a helper for the main spring.They'll cushion some of the light bumps but eventually the coil spring will break.Another thing to look at is the spring seats.Make sure there no starting to deteriorate.
Isn't replacing coil springs somewhat of a dangerous job?

Where you stated that coil over shocks are a helper for the main spring, I agree, and that is why I suggested it. The main spring in this case is the fatigued coil spring.
Poppy,replacing rear coil springs on a van are no more dangerous that changing a muffler.Once the body is jacked up most of the load is off them.Then you place a jack under the rear axle beam to take the load off the shocks and slowly lower the beam. The coil is not in compression at this point.Now if your talking about front coils,those are a bit of a hazzard.

The coil over springs are basically to maintain ride height when a trailer is attached ,about 300lb tongue weight.They won't substitute for the original coils.
Where would you recommend looking for springs? Yes Poppy I already looked under the car and didnt find any new ones. :rolleyes:

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Thank you
some auto stores rent coil spring compressors. just be very, very careful as the tension on a coil spring will cause MAJOR damage.

and i vote you change the shocks while you're down there!
One more question. Is it possible to replace the springs in the drive using jack stands? I would prefer to not use the spring compressor. I have seen the damage done when one slipped. The lifts I have access to are the drive on type not the body lift type.
I've done them on the ground with jsck stands and a floor jack.No compressor.If they're not the strut kind,which I believe yours are don't need a spring compressor.Once the body is raised and the axle beam is hanging most of the tension is released.disconnect one shock at a time and lower axle beam down to remove spring.
Thanks again.
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