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How's it goin Ford freaks?
I was on the other forum here and there until it got bombed with spam and went to crap. So I do recognize a few of the screen names on here.
Anyway I've owned 3 fords and a GM since I've been driving. I grew up bleeding blue since that's all my parents drove (at least during my lifetime).
Right now I have a 93 Tempo GL 3.0 with only 83000mi on it. Has no rust at all and runs good. Had it since October of last year. Sure it's not the best lookin car out there but it served me well so far.
I also have a 97 TBird Limited Edition 4.6 with only 19000 original miles. Had it since summer of 02. I plan to keep it as my classic years down the road from now. I'll have to post some pics of it then.

Well, off to hang with the Tbird crowd.
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