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zx2 has the shakes

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okay so i have no clue what the hell is wrong with my car 2000 zx2 it shakes,hesitates like bad while in drive or reverse but only when im at a stop its really embracing for me when i put it in park or netuile it shakes but just bearly and every one asks why do you put it in nuturil at a stop light i show them and there like wow so i went to sell it for 1000 because i didnt know what was wrong so this guy said that it needed a pvc hose i think or something but i got it had ford put it on and the shake was there like a small vibrating but not gone then after a while it got worse again and i changed my air filter still does it so i dont know what else to do my brother said it could be my transmission that the shifting gear could be going out but i have no clue i still have the car but i really need help i love my car so please help me

yes ford replaced the valve to
i got the car last year and it has always shaked since i got it the car dealer said maybe a vaccum leak to but i havent checked and i havent put new spark plugs or wires on it
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so this guy said that it needed a pvc hose i think or something but i got it had ford put it on
Help us understand this a little better. You had Ford install a new PCV hose? Did they replace the valve as well? Did they offer to diagnose your vehicle's problem for you? Do you have a Check Engine Light on?

If the problem initially got better after the hose was replaced, then became progressive worse after continued driving, you may have another vacuum leak or you may have a bad or dirty emission sensor. Do you know how to check for a vacuum leak? I am attaching the Forums "How To" on this subject.

I am also attaching your thread on your transmission, as I am concerned that the issues are related.
It sounds like you still have a vacuum leak, that was the reason for replacing your PCV hose. Have it scanned for codes even if the CEL is not lit, there may be a stored code.
It best to have it scanned by someone that knows what they're doing...with a competent scanner. Free scans won't give enough info.
maybe as simple as plugs and wired? buddy Lincoln did that plugs wire cap rotor, smoothed out
i havent checked and i havent put new spark plugs or wires on it
that could be your problem. odds are you just need new plugs, and make sure they're correct. someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but i do believe it uses platinum core plugs. copper will make it run really bad, and they won't last very long... found that out in my 98 coutour 2.0L...
Sorry OP, but your wall of text is not that descriptive. You mentioned a PCV hose and now people assume it's a vacuum leak.


I have a 2002 ZX2 that likes to shake/vibrate/buzz as well. When I start the car it's smooth as butter. It is only when I put it in gear (Reverse or drive) that it starts to shake and vibrate. As SOON as I start moving (let off the brake, it's as smooth as butter again). I put mine in neutral at all stoplights as well cause it's super annoying.

It's NOT a vacuum leak people! If it were a vacuum leak, I would have had a code (owned the car for 3 years and it's done it since day 1) and I wouldn't have been able to register the car in CA (Smog).

Another reason why it's not a vacuum leak, because it's not a rough idle/misifre issue, it's something else - almost like the torque converter isn't releasing 100% when I'm on the brake at a stop light.

Welcome paintbig. You should start a post for your situation.

It's really unnecessary to trash the OP (wall of text) and tell us what it's's not very helpful.
BTW: Vacuum leaks do not always throw a code.
I purchased my current ZX2 new in march of 2002 right off the delivery truck from the factory, and it has done this from day one. It's normal for these cars to shake some. The problem is not completely the car. But rather your perception that the car will not shake when in gear with your foot on the break, this is normal for the ATX ZX2. If you had a MTX this problem would not be noticeable unless there was a problem. The car has an unbalanced 4 cylinder engine. The unbalanced nature of the engine is causing the shaking. You may want to check for a broken engine mount though, because if one is broken or worn it will cause the shaking to increase. One way of reducing this is to install an aftermarket under drive pulley on the crank shaft. The Factory accessory pulley has a weight on one side of it, by replacing it you remove that odd weight and reduce the vibration.

As for the hesitation that could be a number of things. check your plugs and wires, also you may need to replace the ignition coil they can cause hesitation before they completely go bad in this car. Another thing is to check and possibly replace your air and fuel filters either of these being clogged can cause serious issues with the ZX2's performance. Also Clean the mass air flow sensor with intake cleaner spray yearly (do not allow anything other than the spray to touch the sensor eliments in the MAF because it can cause damage for anything other than air or liquid to touch that sensor!) if the Mass Air Flow Sensor is dirty it causes serious hesitation issues.

For more information on this go to the problems section of the Forum the post title you want to read is titled "Common ZX2 Problems. Read this before you post."

I have been a member of TeamZX2 since 2003.
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FYI: Buzzing coming from under the front of the car on a ZX2 is normally a broken heat shield on the catalytic converter.
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